“I can honestly say it was one of the most interesting and enjoyable conferences I have attended”

Helene Cambell, Ambassador


Nordic Edge Expo is a great opportunity for your organization to connect with leading professionals who work in a variety of governmental and private sectors. Join us to build your contact base and expand your business network, while also strengthening the visibility of your brand by showcasing new products and services at the expo.


The Nordic Edge Expo provides excellent networking and business opportunities. Major companies and small start-ups alike will showcase their smart projects and products during the Nordic Edge Expo. Delegates will include forward-thinking city leaders, business managers, entrepreneurs, politicians, administrators and subject-matter experts from a wide range of industries.


Stavanger has a rich history of innovation. In the last three years several new arenas for entrepreneurism has emerged. People with determination and skill are working hard to create new businesses, and to readjust existing companies to shifting times. At Nordic Edge Expo we bring companies and people together to exchange ideas and inspiration. Together we can shape a smarter future.


Nordic Edge Expo will provide an excellent arena for networking and knowledge exchange related to a new and exciting technology. With a truly international mix of innovators, experts, product developers, business thinkers and decision makers, we aim to create a unique meeting place for creators of smarter cities and smarter homes. Come join us and find out more on how smart technology can make cities, companies and people smarter.


State, counties and municipalities make an important home marked for new products and services. Several municipalities in our region have already started using new technology to create a smarter society. Nordic Edge Expo cooperates with forward thinking municipalities across the country, well aware that these will be both trendsetters and buyers in the smarter future.


Smarter cities and smarter homes create a new market in which technology, infrastructure and innovation are linked together. Nordic Edge Expo contributes to exchanging knowledge and inspiration between creators of smart homes, smart cities and smart societies. Students will learn about the possibilities in this new market, learn from international experts and meet up with entrepreneurs, governmental purchasing managers as well as suppliers.


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